Cajun Chicken with Linguini

December 9, 2007 0 Comments

24 Oz Chicken breast (8 pcs)
1 Qt Linguini (cooked)
1/4 Cup Cajun seasoned flour
1 Qt Krazy salt (seasoned salt)
3/4 Cup Clarified butter blend
1/2 Cup Green onion, chopped
2 Cup Heavy Cream

Instructions and Notes:
1. Flatten chicken breast to 3/8″. Sprinkle lightly with salt. 2. Dip in cajun seasoned flower and shake off excess. (see below) 3. Saute in clarified butter blend until golden brown on both sides. 4. Add heavy cream; bring to a simmer. 5. Remove chicken to hot plate. Add linguini and Krazy salt to pan. Heat until linguini is hot and coated with sauce. Serve on a hot platter. Place 2 pieces of sauteed chicken breasts next to 1 cup of hot linguini coated with sauce. Pour remaining sauce over chicken. Then sprinkle with chopped green onion.

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